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Blog, Page and Template Tools


This plugin provides some useful tools and macros for creating and moving pages and blog posts.

It consists of 2 tools, found in the Tools menu and a few Macros which must be used in Page Templates only. These macros provide extebded control over templates including security and Blog Post creation.


For instruction and details on how to use the features of the App, refer to the following pages:

App Limitations

Due to the complexity of moving content between Pages and Blogs, there are some features that unfortunately do not work when Converting Pages to Blogs and vice versa, these are:

Tiny URL's not re-usable

Of course when converting Pages ↔ Blog tools, any internal Confluence links will be automatically updated, however any incoming external links will not work, including tiny url's that may have been shared via email or similar.

The reason for this is that during the conversion, new content is created and the old one is deleted from the space. This means the url is new (and based on the content id or title) and any existing external links are broken.

Content Likes for Disabled Users will be missing

Likes are a little unique under the covers, it is not possible to copy these from one content to another, they must be created on the fly during the conversion. Under the covers, Confluence does not allow likes to be added for users who do not have access to Confluence application. This causes the likes to fail to be applied for disabled user on the new content.